Certifications et brevets



• U.S 5720296 (U.S.A) 1998 – Apparatus and method for analyzing body composition based on bioelectrical impedance analysis
• C.N. 2225184 (Canada) 2000 – Apparatus and method for analyzing body composition using a new electrodes system based on bioelectrical impedance analysis.
• J.P. 3292373 (Japan) 2002 – Apparatus and method for Analyzing Body Composition based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.
• KR 161602 (Korea) 1998 – Analyzing body composition with using clinic electrode impedance, and its method


• Recognition for company annex research institute (November, 1997, from Korea Industry Technology Association)
• Recognition for favor the small and medium company (April, 1998, from Korea Institute of Industrial Technology,
• Company having advanced technology (May, 1998, from Small and Medium Business Administration)
• Certificate for venture company (June, 1998, from Small and Medium Administration)
• Recognition for Korean new technology (KT mark, September 1998, from Ministry of Science and Technology)
• Best company with technology competition (January, 1999, from Small and Medium Business Administration)
• Jang-yeong-sil Award (May, 1999, from Ministry of Science)
• CE 0120 (May, 1999, SGS)
• ISO 9001 (May 1999, SGS)
• Good Design Mark (GD) (July 1999, from Ministry of commerce, Industry and Energy)
• permission for Japanese medical equipments (Dec, 1999)
• InBody is designated as Korean “World-class product” (May 2003, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
• Permission for Canadian medical equipments (Nov, 2003)
• Certification for NAWI(Non-Automatic Weigh Instrument) Directive-90384/EEC and regulation of SI 2000 No.3236(August, 2008)